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Brilliant legacy korean drama cast gooddrama
Brilliant legacy korean drama cast gooddrama

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This will be focusing on legacj love and trials of the 20 year old generation. Go Eun Sung's life is similar to Cinderella's. After her father died, her step-mother, Baek Sung Hee, took away all ,egacy her assets and her younger brother, Eun Woo, suddenly disappears without a trace. Eun Sung preservers and works really hard to become a chef at a food comp� more This will be focusing on the love and trials of the 20 year old generation. Go Eun Sung's life is similar to Cinderella's.

After her father died, her step-mother, Baek Sung Hee, took away all of her assets and her younger brother, Eun Woo, suddenly disappears without a trace. Eun Sung preservers and works really hard to become a chef at a food company.

The grandson of the food company, Sun Woo Hwan, notices Eun Sung and falls in love morean her. less Shining Inheritance Online� Shining Inheritance Episode 28 Oct 11, 2011� Shining Inheritance Episode 27 Oct 11, 2011� Shining Inheritance Episode 26 Oct 11, 2011� Shining Leyacy Episode 25 Oct 11, 2011� Shining Inheritance Episode 24 Oct 11, 2011� Shining Inheritance Episode 23 Oct 11, 2011� Shining Inheritance Episode 22 Elgacy 11, 2011� Shining Erama Episode 21 Oct 11, 2011� Shining Inheritance Kkorean 20 Oct 11, 2011� Shining Inheritance Episode 19 Oct 11, 2011� Shining Inheritance Episode 18 Oct 11, 2011� Shining Inheritance Episode 17 Oct 11, 2011� Shining Inheritance Episode 16 Oct 11, 2011� Shining Inheritance Episode 15 Oct 11, goodrama Shining Inheritance Episode 14 Oct 11, 2011� Shining Inheritance Episode 13 Oct 11, 2011� Shining Inheritance Episode 12 Oct 11, 2011� Shining Inheritance Dramw 11 Oct 11, 2011� Shining Inheritance Episode 10 Oct 11, 2011� Shining Inheritance Episode 9 Oct 11, 2011� Shining Inheritance Episode 8 Oct 11, 2011� Shining Inheritance Episode 7 Oct 11, 2011� Shining Inheritance Episode 6 Oct 11, 2011� Shining Inheritance Episode 5 Oct 11, 2011� Shining Inheritance Episode 4 Oct 11, 2011� Shining Inheritance Episode 3 Oct 11, 2011� Shining Inheritance Episode 2 Oct 11, 2011� Shining Inheritance Episode 1 Oct 11, 2011 Brilliant LegacyAlso known asShining InheritanceWritten bySo Hyun-kyungDirected byJin HyukStarringHan Hyo-jooLee Seung-giBae Soo-binMoon Chae-wonOpening theme"Only You" by Kang Ha-niCountry of originSouth KoreaOriginal language(s)KoreanNo.

of episodes28ProductionExecutive producer(s)Huh WoongRunning timeSaturdays and Sundays at 21:45 ( KST)Production company(s)Pan EntertainmentReleaseOriginal networkSeoul Broadcasting SystemOriginal releaseApril 25 ( 2009-04-25)�� July 26, 2009 gooddramaa 2009-07-26)ChronologyPreceded byFamily's HonorFollowed byStyleExternal linksWebsiteBrilliant LegacyHangul??? ??Hanja? ? ? ? ?Revised RomanizationChanranhan YusanMcCune�ReischauerCh�annanhan YusanBrilliant Legacy ( Hangul: ??? ??; RR: Chanranhan Yusan; also known as Lehacy Inheritance) is a 2009 South Korean television series starring Han Hyo-joo, Lee Seung-gi, Bae Soo-bin and Moon Chae-won.

[1] [2] It aired on SBS from April 25 ddrama July 26, 2009 on Saturdays and Sundays at 21:45 for 28 episodes.It was among the top-rated Korean dramas of the year; it maintained its number one spot in the viewership ratings chart for 20 consecutive koresn and reached a peak rating of 47.1% for its last episode.

[3] Contents� 1 Synopsis� 2 Cast� 2.1 Go family� 2.2 Sunwoo family� 2.3 Park family� 2.4 Extended cast� 3 Episode ratings� 4 Original soundtrack� 5 Awards and nominations� 6 International broadcast� 7 Remake� 8 References� 9 External linksSynopsis [ edit ]Go Eun-sung ( Han Hyo-joo) was legacyy overseas in New York and returned to Korea during her vacation to bring her autistic brother, Eun-woo ( Yeon Joon-seok), to the Gododrama States to study music.

Sunwoo Hwan ( Lee Seung-gi), who was also studying in New York, was ordered to return rdama Korea by his grandmother, Gooddama Sook-ja ( Ban Hyo-jung), to learn how to manage her food company. Eun-sung and Hwan, who were on the same flight back home, accidentally had their luggage bags exchanged, which led to several misunderstandings brilliant legacy korean drama cast gooddrama the two.Go Pyung-joong (Jeon In-taek), Eun-sung's father, was struggling to save his company from going bankrupt.

One day, his wallet and valuables were stolen by a thief who subsequently died in a gas explosion accident. The police, upon finding Pyung-joong�s belongings on the goodcrama, mistakenly identified the thief as him and a death certificate for Pyung-joong was promptly issued. He decided to lie low and not tell his family that he was alive so that his family could claim his life insurance money and use it to clear the debts.

However his second wife, Baek Sung-hee ( Kim Mi-sook), kicked her stepchildren, Eun-sung and Eun-woo, out of the house after collecting the insurance money and moved into a new home with her daughter, Yoo Seung-mi ( Moon Chae-won). Seung-mi was drqma Hwan's longtime best friend, hoping to be something more.Eun-sung asked for help from several of her friends, including Hyung-jin, who avoided her because she was no longer rich.

She managed to find a job at a nightclub with the help of her friend, Hye-ri. At the nightclub, Eun-sung met Hyung-jin's upperclassman, Park Joon-se ( Bae Soo-bin), who was shocked to see her working there. She also met Hwan, who caused btilliant to lose contact with Eun-woo. Realizing that Eun-woo was missing, Eun-sung was devastated and tried searching for her brother bri,liant to no avail.

With the help of Hye-ri and Joon-se, Eun-sung rented a small room and started a small dumplings stall while continuing her search for Eun-woo.Meanwhile, Sook-ja became deeply disappointed in her grandson as Hwan had no direction in life and did not know how to cherish her company and employees. While pondering over what to do about her grandson, Sook-ja visited a neighborhood that she used to live in when she was poor and encountered Eun-sung, who was selling dumplings.

Sook-ja encountered an accident and received help from Eun-sung. Seeing that Eun-sung tried her best to take care of her even when she could not afford her own daily expenses, Sook-ja was touched by Eun-sung's compassion.

She brought Eun-sung home, then announced to her family that Eun-sung was going to live with them and that she darma going to appoint Eun-sung as the heir of her food company, if she could raise the profits of the sinking second branch by 20%. Cast [ edit ] Go family [ edit ]� Dramx Hyo-joo as Go Eun-sung [4]� Jeon In-taek as Go Pyung-joong (father)� Kim Mi-sook as Baek Sung-hee (stepmother)� Moon Chae-won as Yoo Seung-mi (stepsister)� Yeon Joon-seok as Go Eun-woo (younger brother)Sunwoo family [ edit frama Lee Brilliant legacy korean drama cast gooddrama as Sunwoo Hwan [5]� Ban Hyo-jung as Jang Sook-ja (grandmother)� Yu Ji-in as Oh Young-ran dfama Han Ye-won as Sunwoo Jung cqst sister)� Lee Seung-hyung as Pyo Sung-chul (Father)Park family [ edit ]� Bae Soo-bin as Park Joon-se� Choi Jung-woo as Darma Tae-soo (father)Extended cast cazt edit ]� Min Young-won as Lee Hye-ri (Eun-sung's friend)� Jung Fast as Jin Young-seok (Hwan's friend)� Son Yeo-eun as Jung In-young (Eun-sung and Seung-mi's friend)� Kim Jae-seung as Lee Hyung-jin (Joon-se's junior colleague)� Baek Seung-hyeon as Lee Joon-young / Manager Lee (store manager)� Park Sang-hyun as Han Soo-jae (store worker)Episode ratings [ edit ] DateEpisodeNationwideSeoul2009-04-25116.9% (3rd)17.0% (3rd)2009-04-26219.2% (4th)19.6% (5th)2009-05-02315.9% (3rd)15.6% (3rd)2009-05-03421.7% (3rd)21.6% (4th)2009-05-09521.8% (1st)23.1% (1st)2009-05-10626.5% (2nd)27.7% (1st)2009-05-16724.7% (2nd)25.1% (1st)2009-05-17828.5% (1st)29.6% (1st)2009-05-23926.8% (1st)27.4% (1st)2009-05-241029.1% (1st)29.4% (1st)2009-05-301128.5% (1st)28.1% (1st)2009-05-311233.4% (1st)33.3% (1st)2009-06-061328.5% (1st)29.2% (1st)2009-06-071433.4% (1st)33.3% (1st)2009-06-131530.9% lehacy (1st)2009-06-141634.1% (1st)34.4% (1st)2009-06-201732.9% (1st)32.7% (1st)2009-06-211835.5% (1st)36.1% (1st)2009-06-271933.0% (1st)33.8% (1st)2009-06-282039.9% (1st)40.6% (1st)2009-07-042135.6% (1st)35.7% (1st)2009-07-052239.7% (1st)40.1% (1st)2009-07-112338.5% kprean (1st)2009-07-122441.8% (1st)41.7% (1st)2009-07-182540.1% (1st)39.9% (1st)2009-07-192643.4% (1st)44.0% (1st)2009-07-252744.6% (1st)45.3% (1st)2009-07-262847.1% (1st)47.4% (1st)Average31.9%32.1%Source: TNS Media Korea Original soundtrack [ edit ]� Only You (? ???) bri,liant Kang Ha-ni (Opening Title)� The Person Living in My Heart (? ??? ?? ??) � Isu� Crazy in Love (??? ???) � Ji-sun� Love is Punishment (??? legac � K.Will� Spring Rain � Ji-hye� Dear Sister (??? ??)� Catch Hwan (??? ???)� Are We Family?

(??? ?????)� Funny Life� The Road Leading to You (??? ?? ?)� Smile Working� Last Lie (??? ???)� Krean (????)� Memories of Separation (??? ??)� Spring Rain (Guitar Ver.)� Destiny, the Second Story (??, ? ??? ???)Awards and nominations [ edit ] YearAwardCategoryRecipientResult20093rd Mnet 20's Choice Awards [6]Hot Male Drama StarLee Seung-giWonHot Female Drama StarHan Hyo-jooWonSBS Brilliamt Awards [7] [8]Top Excellence Award, ActressKim Mi-sookWonExcellence Award, Actor xrama a Special Planning DramaLee Seung-giWonBae Soo-binNominatedExcellence Award, Actress in a Special Planning DramaKim Mi-sookNominatedHan Hyo-jooWonBest Supporting Actor in a Special Planning DramaLee Seung-hyungNominatedBest Supporting Actress in a Special Planning DramaYu Ji-inNominatedTop 10 StarsHan Hyo-jooWonLee Seung-giWonBae Soo-binWonBest CoupleLee Seung-gi and Han Hyo-jooWonAchievement AwardBan Hyo-jungWon201046th Briilliant Arts Awards [9]Best DramaBrilliant LegacyNominatedBest Actress (TV)Han Hyo-jooNominatedBest New Director (TV)Jin HyukNominatedBest New Actor (TV)Lee Seung-giNominatedBest Screenplay (TV)So Hyun-kyungNominatedMost Popular Actor (TV)Lee Seung-giWon37th Korea Broadcasting Awards [10]Best Serial DramaBrilliant LegacyWon5th Seoul International Drama Awards [11] [12] [13]Outstanding Korean ActressHan Hyo-jooWonMost Popular ActorLee Seung-giWon201144th WorldFest-Houston International Hrilliant Festival [14]Platinum Remi AwardBrilliant LegacyWon17th Shanghai Television Festival Magnolia Awards [15]ForeignContents� 1 Details� csst Synopsis� 3 Cast� 4 Production Credits� 5 Recognitions� 6 Episode Ratings� 7 External LinksDetails� Title: ??? ?? / Chanranhan Yusan� Also known as: Shining Inheritance / Brilliant Legacy / Beautiful Legacy� Genre: Romance, brilloant Episodes: 28� Broadcast network: SBS� Broadcast period: 2009-Apr-25 to 2009-Jul-26� Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:45� Original Soundtrack: Shining Inheritance OSTSynopsisDuring her visit home from studying abroad, Go EunSung's father is declared dead from a gas explosion.

Her stepmother takes the life insurance money and moves out with daughter, Yoo SeungMi, leaving EunSung and her autistic but musically-talented brother, EunJoo, without money or shelter. Soon after, EunJoo goes missing, leaving EunSung devastated.The head of a food company, Jang SookJa is disappointed by her spoiled grandson and heir apparent, Sun WooHwan.

After encountering EunSung, she is touched by EunSung's compassion and work-ethic. SookJa's brings EunSung to her home and announces that EunSung will become the new heir to the darma. This understandably upsets Hwan, whose previous encounters with EunSung have already lead to some animosity. To further complicate matters, Hwan is SeungMi's first love and lgeacy target.

Cast Shining Inheritance Casr Chart� Lee Seung Ki as Sun Woo Hwan� Han Hyo Joo as Go Eun Sung� Bae Soo Bin as Park Joon Se� Moon Chae Won as Yoo Seung MiExtended Cast� Kim Mi Sook as Baek Sung Hee� Min Young Won as Lee Hye Ri (Eun Sung's friend)� Yun Joon Suk as Go Eun Woo� Jung Suk Won as Jin Young Suk (Hwan's friend)� Han Ye Won as Sun Woo Jung� Ban Hyo Jung as Jang Sook Ja� Yoo Ji In as Oh Young Ran (Hwan & Jung's mother)� Kim Jae Seung as Lee Hyung Jin� Son Yeo Eun as Jung In Young� Choi Jung Woo as Park Tae Soo� Lee Seung Hyung as Pyo Sung Chul� Jun In Taek as Go Pyung Joong (Eun Sung's father)� Baek Seung Hyun as Manager Lee Joon Young� Park Sang Hyun as Park Soo Jae� Tae Hwang as waiter� Kim Ho Chang� Min Joon Hyun� Lee Sang Hoon� Kim Myung JinProduction Credits� Chief Producer: Huh Woong� Director: Jin Hyuk� Assistant Director: Oh Jin Suk, Kim Yoo Jin (???)� Screenwriter: So Hyun Kyung� moreRecognitions2011 44th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival:� Platinum Remi Award2011 17th Shanghai Television Festival Magnolia Awards:� Foreign TV Series Special Award2010 37th Korea Broadcasting Prizes:� Best Full-length Drama2010 5th Seoul International Drama Awards:� Outstanding Korean Drama - Best Actress ( Han Briliant Joo)� Yahoo!

People's Choice Award ( Lee Seung Ki)2010 46th Baeksang Arts Awards:� Popularity Award ( Lee Seung Ki)2009 SBS Drama Awards:� Achievement Award ( Ban Hyo Jung)� Top Excellence Award - Actress ( Kim Mi Sook)� Excellence Award, Special Planning Drama - Actor ( Lee Seung Ki)� Excellence Award, Special Planning Drama - Actress ( Han Hyo Joo)� Top Ten Stars Award ([Lee Seung Ki]])� Top Ten Stars Award koreaan Han Hyo Joo)� Best Couple Award casr Lee Seung Ki and Han Hyo Joo)2009 Mnet 20's Choice Awards:� Hot Male Drama Star ( Lee Birlliant Ki)� Hot Female Drama Star ( Han Hyo Joo)Episode RatingsSee Shining Inheritance/Episode Ratings External Links� Official site� News� News Go Eun Sung's life is similar to Cinderella's.

After her father died, her step-mother, Baek Sung Hee, took away all of her assets and her younger brother, Eun Woo, suddenly disappears without a trace. Despite this, Eun Sung perseveres and works really hard to fulfill her dreams. When the CEO of a food company, Jang Sook Ja, suffers amnesia and can't remember who she is Eun Sung takes her in.

However, Eun read more Sung does not know that she is the grandmother of Sun Woo Hwan, the man who she switched bags with at the airport.

How will their constant bickering lead them to realize that they care more about each other than they let on? � Overall 7.0� Story 8.0� Acting/Cast 8.0� Music 7.0� Rewatch Value 5.0Recently I finally learned the meaning of the word "makjang". For those of you who are in the dark as I was, a makjang drama is one where the twists and turns are so over the top, with the hero/ine having to face so much misfortunes and betrayal, the next step is either sanctification or Dante's Inferno.

I dare give the word my very personal definition: a drama is makjang, when you read more wish you krean enter the screen and murder half of the characters with your bare hands, then ease on your couch with a sigh of intense gooddrsma (drink some soju and you'll have become a makjang character yourself).Shining Inheritance fits both definitions.

There's envy, greed, a dead man walking, 10 trillions lies, missed encounters by a microsecond, corporate plotting, memory loss, love polyhedrons and such a dose of odious behaviours your becoming a virtual assassin would be justified.But before you decide you hate the genre and turn the page, let me say this drama is strangely and acutely addictive.

It took me 4 weeks to pant through the first 7 episodes and less than 1 to watch the remaining 21 (granted, with a little fast forwarding here and there).The plot is very consistent. Every narrative line comes to a conclusion and justice triumphs. Delicate subjects are touched here, and I appreciated this the most.I maintain the whole story could have been easily condensed in half the time and the dialogues thinned, if only the characters had stopped repeating the same sentences brilliwnt an echo and the word money had been uttered one thousand times instead of one billion.

There will be moments in which you'll question your choice of dramas, but at that point you'll be so implicated in the crime� ehm, plot, drop it will be harder than exit a gang.The acting mark is the result of an arithmetic mean. The beginning is not encouraging at all, with exaggerations kkrean wooden deliveries all over the place, but it improves a lot in going. It's as though the actors had been attending Theatre Class while filming.

With a notable exception: Yun Joon Suk, who plays the autistic brother, is impressive all through, and makes the drama shine in depth and emotion every time he's on screen.I'm usually only mildly interested in the cast's attire, unless it's so distracting it prevents me from fully enjoying it or it is integral part of brilliang narrative intent.

But grandmother's grey wig - I truly hope it was one - looked so disjointed from her skull Legach watched all her scenes brandishing a comb. Not that Lee Seung Gi's hairdo was much better: now and then it truly looked like it was about to migrate towards warmer shores.

I prayed he would be caught in a sudden downpour to flatten it but, alas!, the sun shone brightly on him. There's improvement in this department too, though, and if you fall for the very pretty main couple, the deed is done.Two words about the music. I had a hard time coming to terms with the blend of Bach's adagio and K-pop, the first being too solemn and fit to a mass in Latin and the second too� pop. Once again, it's the little brother who saves the score with his very sweet piano briloiant dedicated to his Noona.So here's my little piece of advice: watch it.

Resist the urge to drop it after the dramw episode, contain your drams in the second and third, wipe your sweat to the 7th and you'll be hooked. Completing it will give you a sense of power and the feeling you have truly watched The Drama of All Dramas.What does not kill you, makes you stronger. � Overall 9.0� Story 7.0� Acting/Cast 9.0� Music 8.0� Rewatch Value 9.0This is one of my favourite dramas ever and believe me when I say I have seen quite a was also my first, so slightly biased.

In all fairness it is a slow start, but once bri,liant get into the thick of things it is one of those compeling, addictive dramas.I lost alot of sleep over this one.just couldn't stop watching. It is funnydramatic(duh), has a bit of suspense read more and romatic. Not just romantic for romance sake, but that sweet organic, naturally occuring, out of nowhere, this is amazing kind of romance, with some heartwarming swoon worthy moments.The characters, at first may brillixnt a bit tiresome, but they have this uncanny knack of growing on you, until you genuinely care for them and wish to see them happy, successful or in some cases burn in hell.

It will gopddrama you laugh and cry, which is what all good dramas should invoke. Throw into the mix casg nice, non annoying soundtrack and some pretty good cinematography and you get a seriously a good watch. Strong recommended, not just for viewing but repeated viewings as well. Yeah, Shining Inheritance, Lwgacy mean it :XD: Your eye doesnt fool you.-Same gorgeous Vrilliant Hyo Joo with same pure-nearly goddess character-Same cinderella - like story-Same Bae Soo Bin with the same typecast/role-These two make huge success in Korea and paving the Han Hyo Joo's way to stardom Okay.Hyo Joo and Seung Gi are completely amazing and swoon-worthy in this.

I watched it a long time ago, and somehow found myself shamelessly looking up youtube MVs for them today. Like, once they start liking each other, there is hilarity and tension and swoonish-ness and just freaking adorable awkwardness, which I love.

Many of my favourite drama moments of all time occurred during THIS drama alone.I'll just say that.� I was absolutely in love with this drama, but I'm at around ep 25 and the drama is starting to seem to really drag on, it's repetitive in my opinion.

I would really like to finish it, but I can't bring myself to, somehow ;;� Reveal Spoiler �One of the worst plot I've seen. Dragged the missing brother thing to the point of no return, antagonist simply spent the whole drama doing what she wants and in the end.well.nothing.absolutely no bother for her.

Even the romance couldn't make up for the bad brillixnt. lol It's basically a story about wicked people being only wicked and "good" people being perfect good. -_-� the caxt were okay.for me but i didn't watch for them but more so the supporting okrean and for the female lead in finding korewn brother and father and for the evil stepmother sister to get caught for their deeds.� unfortunately i didnt like the drama at all and the main romance is to blame completely .just see how the two behaved .

it is just like the love in Temptation 2014, just more decorated and more colorful!!!! but the same!!!!!� Profile� Drama: Brilliant Legacy (English title) / Shining Inheritance (literal title)� Revised romanization: Chanranhan Yusan� Hangul: ??? ??� Director: Jin Hyeok� Writer: So Hyeon-Kyeong� Network: SBS� Episodes: 28� Release Date: April gooddtama, 2009 - July 26, 2009� Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 21:45� Ogoddrama Korean� Country: South KoreaPlotEun-seong Ko ( Han Hyo-Joo) lost her mother at the age of 11.

Her father remarried when she was 16 to Seong-hee Baek ( Kim Mi-Sook), whom Eun-seong felt did not love her. She quickly grew disillusioned rbilliant her new family. Tragedy strikes Eun-seong again when her father suddenly dies. Then, by accident, good fortune arrives on Eun-seong's doorsteps when she inherits a vast fortune, but not from her father.Woo-han Brliliant ( Lee Seung-Ki) is an arrogant young man, but handsome. He has no idea about the value of money as he was raised by his wealthy grandmother and mother.

One day, Woo-han's grandmother drops a bomb koreab. she will give all of her fortune to Eun-seong Ko .CastHan Hyo-JooLee Seung-KiBae Soo-BinMoon Chae-WonKim Mi-SookKo Eun-SeongSeon Woo-HwanPark Jun-SeYu Seung-MiPaek Seong-HeeBan Hyo-JungChoi Jung-WooYoo Ji-InJeon In-TaekYeon Jun-SukJang Suk-JaPark Tae-SuOh Yeong-RanKo Legayc Eun-WooLee Seung-HyeongHan Ye-WonJung Suk-WonKim Jae-SeungSon Yeo-EunPyo Seong-CheolSeon Woo-JeongJin Yeong-SeokLee Hyeong-JinJeong In-YeongMin Yeong-WonLee Hye-RiAdditional Cast Members:� Baek Seung-Hyeon - restaurant manager� Ha Dae-Ro - waiter� Kim Ho-Chang� Lee Ye-EunTrailers Htet Aug 11 2016 2:38 amOne of the best Kdrama I've ever watched.

If you love Kdrama, just give it a try. You'll love it. The songs are really good and match the scenes. Just finished a few days ago and now I want to watch it again.

lol�:DHan Hyo Joo's the best. ^_^ Abdoo19 Jun 13 2016 5:01 pmthis for sure one of my top3 kdramas. Cst love the story so much and I love the character of Eun Sung brilliant legacy korean drama cast gooddrama.

Han Hyo-Joo really did a very amazing actI love the grandma too and Huwan and almost everyonethank you for this sweet addiction divya Nov casf 2015 7:50 amsuperb dramanever expected this to be that addictive ,each & every actor performed their best. chemistry between seung gi and han hyo joo is superb,,!!!! slow buildupAs for the script 10/10 ,direction 10/10. worth every minutesometimes i feel it exceeds city hunter and master sun�:D Harry Brikliant 04 2015 7:28 amA nice but lengthy drama!

Completely adore both Lee Seung ji and Han Hyo Joo. Their portrayal of Hwan and Go Eun Sung was really amazing. Their chemistry was great. The koreab had a good start then dragged a bit in the middle but soon caught up and ended really fine. Special mention for the Grandma character who was top notch.The story was fine. The music synced with the theme of the drama very well.They could have added more scenes like after Eun Sung comes back from US.

That would have been great. Legact can say this is one of the best kdramas. If you want clean and entertaining drama with the right mix of melodrama and romantic comedy elements, go for it. HopesDD Nov 30 2014 10:39 amAn amazing classic, totally love it no matter how much I watch it.

A story that looks boring but attract you and warm your heart with its smart script. Seriously, it's GOLD. love Jun 15 2014 2:12 pmI'm watching Brilliant Legacy Right now and I fall in love with Hwan again and again . SEUNG GI OPPA I LOVE YOU .my cute baby Hope your goddrama recovers soon and I see you smiling and healthy again my love . Thilini v. Mar 20 2014 9:46 amDoes anybody noticed that in Brilliant Legacy,from the begining on, both Hwan-Sung wore same colour and same type clothes like a true couple,I think Go Eung Sung even wore Sun Woo Hwangs own clothes few times, how romantic�:-D Thilini v Feb 22 2014 1:10 pmI lost count of how many times I've watched BL,great plot, brilliant acting,my brliliant time fav.num.1 K drama,Seung-Joo (Hwan-Sung) is most probably the reason of my BL addiction,Seung-Joo forever!please do another project together,I'll never get tired of watching you both together! Clarkdale44 Jan 26 2014 3:02 pmWell a nice change of pace.

I liked the story legaacy it was entertaining. Casting was superb, both Han Hyo-Joo and Lee Seung-Ki performed their best. But i feel as chemistry between two leads was somewhat weak, don't know if its only me who felt that way. Although the story sequence was alright i felt as it was being dragged unnecessarily. Anyway in the end all worked out good. I enjoyed it.WARNING:- Don't read further if you have yet to watch this drama:-Although the story is entertaining, you will feel frustrated and dast because of such mother, yeah i am quite familiar with stepmothers in dramas who throws out the children from first marriage in such situations but what she did was beyond explanation.

Throughout the entire drama i felt so annoyed by the character of Paek Seong-Hee and even her daughter Yu Seung-Mi that was i about to go crazy. I felt as she was crazy and had some sort of mental problem.I don't caat she plans give up in the end if brilkiant wasn't for Eun-Seong's father, who threatened her that he will turn himself in.If i talk about supporting cast, brilliant legacy korean drama cast gooddrama feel sorry for Park Jun-Se, he helped Eun-Seong throughout the series since the beginning and yet his heart was crushed in the end.

I still don't understand brilliant legacy korean drama cast gooddrama feeling called love. He helped her so many times and even helped her father, its hard to believe that she didn't felt anything for him. Also Eun-Seong didn't had the slightest idea that her father was alive and looking for her, she wouldn't even have been able to meet her father if it wasn't for Jun-Se.

Well he knew the meaning of loving someone, he must have thought her happiness lies with Hwan, so he gave up. On the other hand i don't feel any bad for Yu Seung-Mi, she got what she deserved. I liked the happy ending. But Eun-Seong could have oorean announced as future heir of the company.

Anyway i liked the goodrama of Grandmother, she saw in Eun-Seong's kindness and pure drrama, it was a right decision to make her future successor of the company, although she declined it in the end.

28 episodes was bit too much depending on the story progress, story was being dragged for no reason in the middle of the series. Anyway i enjoyed this drama very much and i will recommend it to all.I will give it 9.5/10(For great casting, great story, great cinematography) JayKemz Dec 31 2012 2:24 pmI have a bone to pick with the directors of this k-drama: Drams did they have to force the main actress to fall in draam with a spoilt brat over a perfectly gkoddrama guy???

AFTER i BECAME AWARE OF THESE DEVELOPMENTS I just stopped watching it.SO ANNOYED!!!!! Sameh Jul 14 2012 10:48 pmI have seen dramas from many different places and in many different languages. Without a doubt this one is the best I have ever seen! Every moment of this drama was filled with so much passion and emotion. The music only added to the experience. Every aspect of it was simply bri,liant A fitting name for such a drama. Gasenadi May 23 2012 12:22 pmI was grateful for the later story of worker/shareholders organizing to save their company; a small, business run by a single mom (Grandma, wonderful actress Ban Hyo Jeong) who never forgot that the company was not hers, but the workers', koreann preferred small success drmaa corporate greed.

Brilliiant haven't deama to the resolution of that conflict with the Board and Lawyer Park. But just that inclusion of workers giving what little they had to maintain their company's identity was surprising enough.

Kim Mi Suk as Evil Stepmom portrays an intriguing and "cool" villain. She's no irrational, screeching banchee, but an elegant, detached lady convinced she's just acting with common sense to brilliwnt her daughter's future (Moon Chae Won never disappoints me!) Predictable, INFURIATING romance just proves love is deaf, dumb, blind, insane and sick. Rushell Lewis May 16 2012 2:55 pmI just love this movie.

All my years on goodddrama this is the best Not a member?Sign up�� Profile Watch History Log Out� Profile� Overview� Following� Collections� Projects� Contributions�� Edit Profile� Account Settings� Viki Pass Settings�� Help Center� Log Out When Eun Sung (Han Hyo Joo) loses everything, she is given a second chance because of her pure heart. She and her autistic brother are thrown out of the house by their stepmother when their father is believed to have died in an accident.

Then her brother wanders off and gets lost. One day, when she helps an old woman who is injured, the old lady rewards her by making Eun Sung heir to her food company, displacing her grandson, Woo Hwan (Lee Seung Gi).

Can Eun Sung find her brother and the life she is meant to lead? Original title ??? ?? Romanized title chan ran han yu san Also known as Beautiful Legacy, Brilliant Legac, Shining Inheritance Broadcast Network SBS Broadcast Period 04-25-2009 to 07-26-2009 Rating PG-13 Korea Romance Korean Drama Legscy LanguageSelect the site language for displaying all messaging on the site including all menus, buttons, and labels.Content LanguageSelect the content language for displaying show titles, descriptions and subtitles.

The language will revert to English if your chosen language is unavailable.� Site :English� Content :English Popular� English� Espanol� Francais� Portugues� ???� ????� ????� ???Other�Abkhazian�Afar�Afrikaans�Akana�Amharic�AngloSaxon�Az?rbaycan�Bahasa Melayu�BahasaIndonesia�Basa Jawa�Bengali�Bodskad�Bosanski�Catala�Chamoru�Cherokee�Cuengh�Cymraeg�Dansk�Deutsch�Divehi�Dzongkha�Eesti�Esperanto�Euskara�Faka Tonga�Gaeilge�Gagana Samoa�Galego�Gaidhlig�Hmong�Hrvatski�Interlingua�Italiano�Karaoke�Kaszebsczi�Kernewek/Karnuack�Khmer�Kirundi�Kiswahili�Kreyolayisyen�Kurdi/?????�Lao�Latina�Latviesu�Lietuviu�Magyar�Malagasy�Malayalam�Moldoveana�Myanmasa�Na Vosa Vakaviti�Nederlands�Nehiyaw�Norsk(Bokmal)�Oriya�O�zbek�Polski�Romana�Rumantsch�Sesotho�Shqip�Slovencina�Slovenscina�Soomaaliga�Srpskohrvatski�Suomi�Svenska�Tagalog�Tatarca/�������Ti?ngVi?t�Twi�Turkce�Wollof�Yoruba�chi Shona�lolspeak�tlh Ingan-Hol�Islenska�Cestina�????????����?�����������������������������������������/Srpski��������������������?���?��???????�?????�???????�????�???????�?????�??????????�??????�?????�?????????�??????�??????�???????�?????�??????�?????�???�?? It looks like the email we have in your account is invalid.

Please update this to complete the sign-up process.It looks like the email we have in your account is invalid.Looks like your email is invalid. Update email Would you like to receive DramaFever news and exclusive promotions?Would you like to receive DramaFever news and exclusive promotions?Would you like to receive DramaFever promotions? Yessubscribe me Main Gooddrma has the time gone?�This year marks the 6-year anniversary of the�series that surpassed the mega hit Boys Over Flowers in ratings.

The SBS melodrama Shining Inheritance broke hearts all over the world�and mended them in 2009.Let's see what the main cast has been up to since the incredible K-drama wrapped.1.�Go Eun Sang (actress Han Hyo Joo)Han became South Korea's sweetheart and an A-list actress. She put a number of moving productions gokddrama her belt.

The young starlet has landed leading roles in K-dramas like Dong Yi and the films Always and Heaven's Postman. She sang and appeared in a few music videos, including "I Love You" and "Hide and Seek".Her latest musical�film C'est Si Bon was�released in theaters on February 5.2.�Sun Woo Hwan�(actor Lee Seung Gi)Besides being Yoona's beloved�beau, Lee continued to carve out quite an impressive career brillianf himself since 2009.

The singer, actor, and MC raked in 5 dramas, a movie, around 10 music videos, a truckload of endorsement deals, and so much more. His movie Today's Love, co-starring fellow Shining Inheritance cast member Moon Chae Won, legady theaters last month.You can bripliant him in the following K-dramas on DramaFever since his reign on SH: Gu Family Book, King 2 Hearts, My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox,�and You Drqma All Surrounded.3.�Yoo Seung Mi (actress Moon Chae Won)You can catch Moon's comedic acting in the movie Today's Love.

Since the series ended, she starred in a few K-dramas, movies, and one short film entitled Awaiting. Watch her on DramaFever in the following gems: Good Doctor, It's Okay, Daddy's Girl, Nice Guy, Take Care Of The Young Lady, and War of the Arrows.4.�Park Jun Se (actor Bae Soo Bin)The handsome Bae has played in 9 K-dramas,�11 movies, 2 music videos, and 2 plays�since 2009. You know him best in 49 Days, After the Banquet, Dong Yi, Girlfriends, KARA:Secret Love, Temptation of an Angel, and The Greatest Marriage.

His brand new�SBS series My Heart Twinkle Twinkle started airing�last month.5.�Baek Sung Hee (actress Kim Mi Sook)Kim has appeared in around 10 K-dramas in six years. The respected actress's notable ones are A Good Day for The Wind to Blow, City Hunter, The Golden Empire, and Queen Insoo.�Her most recent series was SBS's Glorious Day.6.�Eun Sung's friend, Lee Hye Ri (actress Min Young Won)Eun Sung's best friend hasn't landed any leading roles in the past six years, but gooddraja is a reliable supporting actress.

Min acted in a few K-dramas since 2009. You might have seen her in Prosecutor Princess, City Hunter, Lgeacy Need A Fairy, and My Daughter Seo Young.7.�Eun Soo's brother�Go Eun Woo (actor Yun Joon Suk)Our little Eun Woo is 19 years�old now! He continued acting in several dramas, specials, and a movie pegacy Boy. The most surprising career move he made was singing. Yun was featured on the song "Only Love" from the Cheer Up, Mr.

Kim! original soundtrack. You can see him in Shark and Answer Me 1994 here on DramaFever. Last month, he wrapped filming on the MBC daily series Make a Wish.8.�Jang Sook Ja (actress Ban Hyo Jung)Miss Ban has added almost 20 more�K-dramas to her resume since the series ended its successful run in July 2009.

The living legend, who debuted in the 1964 film entitled Rice,�continues to play the goordrama to be respected in dramas like Brain, Romance Town,�and Rooftop Prince. Her most recent role was in Rosy Lovers.9.�Eun Sang's father,�Go Pyung Joong (actor Jun In Taek)Veteran actor Jun, who started his career in the 1988 MBC�series Queen�Inhyeon,�appeared in goodrama few K-dramas in the six year time span.�His most notable productions are Dandelion Family, My Love From Another Star and Come!

Jang Bo Ri.Are there any additional cast members you would add to this list? If you want to cawt these actors working together, watch Shining Inheritance now!Shelly M is an author and blogger.

Follow her personal blog at BTSCelebs.comImage Source: DramaFever�s current library includes Korean Dramas, Latin American Telenovelas, and a caet selection of Asian TV shows and movies for free.In English� In English� En Espanol� Em Portugues� In Arabic� In Turkish� ??����� 2016 DramaFever Corp.| 284f64bIn Partnership with TooFab | HPMG News � Products� Premium Membership� DramaFever News� DramaFever Apps� DramaFever Widgets� Company� About Us� Advertising� Press Releases� Media Room� Become an Affiliate� Careers� Support� Solution Center� Video Questions� Contact Us� Device Support� Terms of Use� Privacy Policy Title: ??? ?? / Shining InheritanceChinese title : ?????Also brillaint as : Brilliant Legacy / Chanranhan Yusan/ Beautiful LegacyPreviously known as: ??? ???? / Life Is BeautifulGenre: RomanceEpisodes: 28Broadcast network: SBSBroadcast period: 2009-Apr-25 brioliant 2009-July-26Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:55SynopsisGo Eun Sung�s life is similar to Cinderella�s.

After her father died, her step-mother, Baek Sung Hee, took away all of her assets and brklliant younger brother, Eun Woo, suddenly disappears without a trace.

Despite this, Eun Sung preservers and works really hard to fulfill her dreams. When the CEO legafy a food company, Jang Sook Ja, suffers amnesia and can�t remember who koreab is Eun Sung takes her in.

However, Eun Sung does not know that she is the grandmother of Sun Woo Hwan, the man who she switched bags with at the airport. How will their constant bickering lead them to realize that they darma more about each other than they let on?CastHan Hyo Joo as Go Eun SungLee Seung Ki as Sun Woo HwanBae Soo Bin as Park Jun SeMoon Chae Won as Yoo Sung MiExtended CastKim Mi Sook as Baek Sung HeeMin Young Won as Lee Hye Ri (Eun Sung�s brilliiant Joon Suk as Go Eun WooJung Suk Won as Jin Young Suk (Hwan�s friend)Han Ye Won as Sun Woo JungBan Hyo Jung as Jang Sook JaYoo Ji In as Oh Young Ran (Hwan & Jung�s mother)Kim Jae Seung as Lee Hyung JinSon Yeo Eun as Jung In YoungChoi Jung Woo as Park Tae SooLee Seung Hyung as Pyo Sung ChulJun In Taek as Go Pyung Joong (Eun Sung�s father)Baek Seung Hyun as Manager Lee Joon YoungPark Sang Hyun as Han Soo JaeLee Ye EunProduction CreditsDirector: Jin Hyuk (??)Screenwriter: So Hyun Kyung (???)Awards2009 SBS Drama Awards: Achievement Award (Ban Gooddramaa Jung)2009 SBS Drama Awards: Female Top Excellence Award (Kim Mi Sook)2009 SBS Drama Awards: Best Actor Award � Special Planning Drama (Lee Seung Ki)2009 SBS Drama Awards: Best Actress Award � Special Planning Drama (Han Hyo Joo)2009 SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (Lee Seung Ki and Han Hyo Gooddrama MNET 20�s Choice Awards: Hot Female Drama Star (Han Hyo Joo)2009 MNET 20�s Choice Awards: Hot Male Drama Star (Lee Seung Ki)Episode RatingsDateEpisodeNationwideSeoul2008-04-25116.9 (3rd)17.0 (3rd)2008-04-26219.2 (4th)19.6 (5th)2009-05-02315.9 (3rd)15.6 (3rd)2009-05-03421.7 (3rd)21.6 (4th)2009-05-09521.8 (1st)23.1 (1st)2009-05-10626.5 (2nd)27.7 (1st)2009-05-16724.7 (2nd)25.1 (1st)2009-05-17828.5 (1st)29.6 (1st)2009-05-23926.8 (1st)27.4 (1st)2009-05-241029.1 (1st)29.4 (1st)2009-05-301128.5 (1st)28.1 (1st)2009-05-311233.4 (1st)33.3 (1st)2009-06-061328.5 (1st)29.2 (1st)2009-06-071433.4 (1st)33.3 (1st)2009-06-131530.9 (1st)30.4 (1st)2009-06-141634.1 (1st)34.4 (1st)2009-06-201732.9 (1st)32.7 (1st)2009-06-211835.5 (1st)36.1 (1st)2009-06-271933.0 (1st)33.8 (1st)2009-06-282039.9 (1st)40.6 (1st)2009-07-042135.6 (1st)35.7 (1st)2009-07-052239.7 (1st)40.1 (1st)2009-07-112338.5 (1st)37.6 (1st)2009-07-122441.8 (1st)41.7 (1st)2009-07-182540.1 (1st)39.9 (1st)2009-07-192643.4 (1st)44.0 (1st)2009-07-252744.6 (1st)45.3 (1st)2009-07-262847.1 (1st)47.4 (1st)Source: TNS Media KoreaRelated PhotoOfficial SiteTrailerOST � here or here or hereWatch Online in 875 Responses to �Shining Inheritance�Pages: � 1 � 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 [18] Show All� 851 Lily AirenLSG Says:March 9th, 2012 at 1:47 amI�m one of the Lee Seung Gi biggest fans,but i�m still not finish watching brillian drama yet, I really want to watch it ASAP when reads these comments�#Lee Seung Gi Fighting ~!!� 852 OK OK OK Says:April 9th, 2012 at 5:21 pmLee Seung Gi & Han Hyo Joo in Shining Dramma (Brilliant Legacy) � Kissing scene.

I find it so funny. ??I really like this drama very much if they can be a real couple � will give them full blessings ??� 856 eryn Says:July 30th, 2012 at 12:59 amThe storyline is too predictable, lame, and cheesy. Painfully weak acting by the lead actress.Even allowing for the fact that it�s fiction, I am always surprised how Korean dramas have their characters become penniless from being filthy rich.

Don�t rich Koreans have insurances or trust funds?� 860 zhao Says:September 9th, 2012 at 1:55 amThis is good drama, i miss this drama so much.

i watched this drama last year. now i�m gonna watch it again after finishing Koresn my lady.This is one of my fave drama.@enyI don�t think so, this drama deserve krean get high rating because it has solid and strong story line.� 861 Si Says:September 30th, 2012 at 11:47 pmLee Seung Gi is going to do a Fan Meeting at Leacy Taman Anggrek, Dfama, Indonesia on November 4, 2012.

You can buy the ticket online here btilliant on guys, let�s meet Seung Gi and have fun together.Sampai jumpa di Jakarta, Seung Gi ya. ^^� 864 fstop Says:March 20th, ,orean at 12:51 pmStupid ending, I liked the stepmother and stepsister more to be honest�at least she knows that family comes first unlike the self-righteous twit of a main character who stole legxcy sister�s fiancee and thinks nothing of it�bitch� 867 leizzue Says:May 11th, 2013 at 3:34 amif goocdrama have watched many kdramas, you would probably find this drama amazing, but if you are pretty new lgeacy watching kdrama, it�s probably not gonna appeal as much.

i love this drama, the screenwriter did a great job! flow of the story is awesome!� 873 lee hye ae Says:September 9th, 2014 at 4:58 pm@ genalinetry watching it at you can find many korean dramas there (even the old ones) and elgacy website also has the latest episodes of the currently showing korean dramas. hope this helps. ^^� 874 lee hye ae Says:September 9th, 2014 at 5:09 pmI have watched many Korean dramas after Shining Inheritance but it still remains as one of my favorites.

This was where I began admiring Lee Seung Gi as an actor. ^^ He has a great chemistry with Han Hyo Joo, yooddrama made me wish that they become a real couple. Moon Chae Won and Bae Soo Bin also portrayed their roles well. Their performance in this drama really helped the four of them to be recognized and opened many drama opportunities for them.

This is a Korean drama that I will never get tired of watching over and over again. ^^� 875 Sinopsis Drama Korea The Brilliant Legacy | Kumpulan Semua Info Says:January 11th, 2015 at 12:19 am[�] | Read Sources [�]Pages: � 1 � 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 [18] Show All Leave a ReplyName (required)Mail (will not be published) (required)WebsiteFollow us on Woman with a Suitcase (MBC)KBS Drama Special 2016 (KBS2)The K2 (tvN)Shopping King Louie (MBC)On the Way to the Airport (KBS2)TV Novel � That Sun in the Sky (KBS2)Drinking Solo (tvN)Fantastic (jTBC)Moon Lovers � Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (SBS)Blow Breeze (MBC)The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop (KBS2)Our Gap Soon (SBS)Jealousy Incarnate (SBS)Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (KBS2)Second to Last Love (SBS)Women�s Secret (KBS2)Here Comes Love (SBS)You are a Gift (SBS)Start Again (MBC)Working Mom Parenting Daddy (MBC)Good Person (MBC)Strange Family (KBS1)The Flower in Prison (MBC) Recently Ended / Ending Soon Cinderella and Four Knights (tvN)Imjin War lgeacy (KBS1)Monster (MBC)W (MBC)Uncontrollably Fond (KBS2)TV Novel � My Mind�s Flower Rain (KBS2)Let's Fight Ghost (tvN)Age of Youth (jTBC)The Good Wife (tvN)Doctors (SBS)Happy Home (MBC)Five Children (KBS2)Yeah, That�s How It Is (SBS)After the Show Ends (tvN)Wanted (SBS)38 Task Force (OCN)Beautiful Mind (KBS2)Go Ho, The Starry Night (Sohu TV) Browse Drama By Year

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