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If you�re a fan of Sketchup for creating woodworking models, then the next obvious step is to use Sketchup to help you create cutlists and layouts. Sketchup plugin Cutlist 4.1 does just that. CutList 4.1 sketchup plugin helps you determine how much of each material you need to produce your design, taking into account nominal sized lumber with allowances for finishing to final size.

Then it goes one further and lays out all of the pieces on boards or sheet good sizes of your choosing. Then you should be all set to head for the lumber yard to get all of the materials that you will need with no return trips.CutList 4.1 was beta tested by our very own Lumberjocks and is now ready for download.It�s being released exclusively to Lumberjocks first. You can download v4.1.10 here. This is a completely free plugin. This plugin has been around since about 2005 but continues to be maintained and enhanced.

It�s got the look and feel of old Woodsmith magazine cutlists and layouts. A very early version v3.3 was reviewed in the Fine Woodworking blog 'Design.Click.Build.' by Dave Richards and a later follow up.Note that there is now a forum on Lumberjocks for further discussion.Cutlist 4.1 has been tested with both Skletchup 7, Sketchup 8, SU2013 and SU2014 on both Macs and on Windows PCs.Installing.

There are now 3 ways to install this. Method 1 (easiest) Get and install it from Sketchup Extension Warehouse� Start up Sketchup� from Sketchup choose: Window->Extension Warehouse� Search for and select �CutList�� click on install ( big red bar on top right)Method 2 (easy) Download and install it using the Sketchup extension installerA relative foolproof way to install is now available with the latest versions (from v4.1.6 and up).� Download it from link above� Start up Sketchup� from Sketchup choose: Window->Preferences� click on �Extensions�� click on �Install Extension�, hen navigate to and select the .rbz file you just downloadedMethod 3 (if all else fails) This is a two step process and more error prone� Click on the link above.

This will download a zip file from� The file is a .rbz (a zipped ruby source) file. Extract the entire contents into your sketchup plugin directory not just the startup ruby script (sr cutlist.rb).

There is also a folder called srcutlistui which contains everything else it needs to work properly. The exact locations of the directories required for Sketchup plugins for Windows or Mac are found documented further down in the blog.Running on a Mac.

This is functional. Only the html output window for the layout does not work because of issues sketchup materials list the Safari browser, however, there is a workaround using the SVG export.Someone in the forum asked a great question which I will repeat here:Q.

What is the point of the cutting diagram? Why indeed would you want a cutting diagram? There are a few reasons:� Regardless of whether or not you have a cutting diagram, eventually you are going to have to cut some wood to get a project built. How many boards do you need to buy? If you go by the board feet measured ( or calculated by something like the cutlist plugin) you�re going to find that it falls short. Why? because when you to to cut the pieces out of the board, you�ll find that you will inevitable have waste.

By having the cutting diagram, you can see how much waste there is going to be and you know how much to get when you to the lumber yard.� You�ve got a lot of parts to cut and you want your parts to be as accurate as possible before you even do anything else to the pieces. Ideally you want one setup for each size of part, so that you can cut each of the parts which are the same size at the same time.

The cutting diagram lets you visualize how parts may be laid out to minimize on the cuts and the number of setups.� Ok, you�ve decided to build your project out of sustainably harvested plantation teak. It�s selling for $50/square foot(!) for 3/4�. You might be interested in using those $200 boards as efficiently as possible.

A cutting diagram may also be used to minimize waste. Even if you have waste if you could have a larger part left over which you could reuse for another project vs having a lot of offcuts, you�ve saved yourself some money and you are using the planet�s resources efficiently and responsibly.So, to sum up, it gives you more accurate project requirements, it minimizes setup time and shop time spent cutting the boards while increasing accuracy and finally it helps to use the resources as efficiently as possible.Finally here are some screen shots in case you still can�t quite figure out what it does or why you would want it or can�t imagine what it looks like.Starting up cutlist.

Highlight your project and select CutList from the plugin menu. Make sure all of the parts in your project are named and are either a component or a group. ( Nested components or groups are handled ok as well)The screen that comes up allows you to select your cutlist options from the type of output you want, what you want to have included in your parts list, which parts are solid wood parts, which are sheet goods parts and which are hardwareand the next page allows you to select the layout options.

There is a general options section, a tab for board options and a tab for sheet options.Here is a sample of cutlist output. This is the cutting list in html format. This page can be printed.If you scroll down, then there is a summary of the board feet and the materials and sheet parts and hardware are broken down to their own lists with their own summariesIf you selected the layout output, then another window will open and place all of the selected parts on boards of your choosing in a layout which minimizes waste.Sheet parts layout is placed on the sheet sizes you specified.There�s lots more.

There is built in help on each option. Just click on the blue ? next to the option.Feel free to pass along any comments, questions, enhancement requests or bug reports. I�m committed to maintaining the plugin and make it as useful as possible.- If you can't joint it, bead it! Just saw your post regards the algo (I wish LJ would automatically email with new comments on posts I�ve replied to).

I started down this path a while back and had hours of fun with the packing algos (not having a degree in math) there is a lot of info on the subject and they are all 2DBPP algos, 2D Bin Packing Problems. It�s a common problem. I gave up when I couldn�t write an algo that beat Cutlist Pro. Have you compared yours to Cutlist Pro?Maybe you can understand what these guys are talking about A Unifed Tabu Search Code forMulti-Dimensional Bin Packing Problems from the sounds of it you are using a best fit first, sort pieces by max height/width then add them in a rowThese guys also put together an overview of the various approaches you can use which I found pretty useful.Anyway, hope these links prove interesting and thanks again for al the hard work you�ve put into this.- I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it.

- Pablo Picasso Looks Great Steve!. I have only recently started in on Sketchup and will be looking at this as a next step for any designs I develop.Thanks!- "Everything that is great and inspiring is created by the individual who labors in freedom" - Albert Einstein Hi Damian,Thanks for the paper.It looks like the 2D version of the �Tabu� algorithm is pretty much exactly what I did, only I thought it was intuitively obvious from the way I would lay out the pieces as a woodworker.

I developed my idea of how to implement it 15 years ago, beating these guys by a decade. The idea, I thought, was trivial, the implementation is slightly more interesting. I just didn�t get around to it and I didn�t write a paper ( maybe I should have). The only thing they�ve added in �TABU� is the ability to do 3D ( which is a simple extension of what I do), the ability to reposition pieces for a potentially better fit ( whi� Plugin Index� Analysis� Animation� Architecture & Construction� Fabrication� Geo and Mapping� Geometry� Import / Export� Materials� Rendering� UI Helpers� Miscellaneous� Plugin Search� Installer Download� Blog� Tutorials� Gallery� API� About� Submit your Plugin(s)� Creating a SketchUp Plugin� Terms of Use� Contact Rating: 0.0/ 5 (0 votes cast)CutList plugin produces a list of all selected components/groups and their dimensions helping you determine how much of each material you need to produce your design.

It also has capabilities to layout these materials on stock sizes of material. List of features available in Sketchup plugin CutList 4.1� Cutlist is produced from the set of components you select from your model.� Can automatically select all components if none was selected.� Splits cutlist into solid wood components, sheet good components or hardware/other parts based on keywords which you select.

Keywords can also be specified to exclude items with the �-� options if there is ambiguity between part names. ( For example a hardware �part� and solid wood �partition� )� Summarizes cutlist showing board feet or square feet (for sheet goods) by material and also gives totals.� Cutlist can be displayed in summary (compact) form, in order of the selected components or in a sorted list.� Handles metric and imperial measure based on the options selected in your model.� All options can be saved, with the �save setting� option.

These are stored in a cookie and are reloaded next time you use CutList 4.1.� CutList output can be saved in CSV format or CSV format compatible with CutListPlus or displayed in an html page.� OS�s set to a Non-English �locale� will have CSV files generated using �;� as a field delimiter.

This is to allow for countries which use the �,� as a decimal character rather than the�.'� ( decimal).� Layout can be displayed in an html page or saved as a SVG fileand displayed using an SVG reader. Firefox supports SVG ( just open the file using Firefox). MS IE with the Adobe SVG plugin is another option.� Layout is made on board sizes which you select, both length and width and thickness for boards and length and width for sheet goods.� Boards can be selected to be specified in a nominal size or actual size.

Layout will occur on the nominal size if selected.� Nominal thicknesses supported are 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4 and 10/4� Layout options are split into general options,boards and sheets options� Layout options include �split wide parts� which splits wide parts in even pieces based on your widest board, �split thick boards� � will divide parts into pieces based on the thickest board selected.� Layout on boards when a thickness is specified can include a margin for planing.

Part placement will take this into account and board feet will be increased as needed.� The layout calculates an efficiency usage of each board and an overall efficiency for boards and and an overall efficiency for sheets.� Saw kerf size can be specified for the layout and the layout automatically leaves enough room for the boards including the wood lost to the cutting operation.

Saw kerf can be specified in any size and multiple units in both metric and imperial measures, allowing a full range of saw kerf sizes. This feature can also be used to add additional space onto each board for other operations such as final dimensioning and planing.� Some things not included in this version:� Part orientation is assumed to be grain running in the direction of the longest side.

No support for part rotation. HalloI do not understand the CSV-setting for the delimiter. All our pc�s have a Dutch windows installed and are all set to Dutch.

But still the delimiter used by Cut List is a �,� in stead of a �;�. This causes big problems, because we also use the �,� as the decimal sign. This is confusing for o.a. Excel. Can anybody tell me how to solve this?Thanks. Plugins RSS Feed� Highest Rated Plugins� Anchor Points: 5.0/5 (4 votes)� Ruby Code Editor: 5.0/5 (3 votes)� Plugin Loader: 5.0/5 (2 votes)� IRender nXt: 5.0/5 (1 vote)� Centroid and Area Properties: 5.0/5 (1 vote)� Links & Ads � Recent Comments� Turn Yourself into a Vase with SketchUp!

(Making Rotational Portrait Sculptures from Silhouettes for 3D Printing) | SketchUp for Design on SolidSolver� PP on Convert Sketchup SKP files to DXF or STL� Drachenbauer. on WireTool� Drachenbauer. on WireTool� r3r3r on Convert Sketchup SKP files to DXF or STL This website provides a web-based index for SketchUp plugins. Browse, rate and download/install plugins directly on this site. If you register, you can also submit plugins and contribute blog posts.About | Terms of UseTwitter: @sketchuppluginsSketchUp Plugin Index� 2012 by Alexander Schreyer How to use the Cutlist plugin to create a cut list from a SketchUp model, then transfer the data to Excel.

The Bill of Materials referenced in the video can be found at Carl Stammerjohn Once you�ve got the SketchUp model for your project detailed, you might be ready to head off to the shop. But maybe you�d like to know how much wood you�ll need and how large the various parts are.

You can figure it out manually with pencil and paper or manually enter the dimensions into a cut list program but there�s a better way. Let SketchUp give you that information automatically using the CutList plugin by Steve Here�s a quick look at the interface.First, whether you�ve already got the plugin or not, go to the Extension Warehouse (EW) and get the most recent version.

The best way to do this is to access the Extension Warehouse under the Window menu. If you�re using an older version of sketchUp that doesn�t provide access to the EW, download the plugin from the link, above. It�ll download with the extension .rbz. If you are using SketchUp 8, Maintenance Release 1 or later, you can then go to Preferences>Extensions, click on Install Extension� Navigate to where you saved the downloaded file, select it, click Open, Yes and OK.

Close the Preferences window and to make sure the plugin is fully loaded, quit SketchUp and restart it. If you are getting it directly through the EW in SketchUp, just click Install and answer the questions in the popup boxes.When you open the CutList interface you�ll see something like the following.These are some general settings for the cut list and layout outputs.Web Page is an HTML display.CSV With this ticked a comma separated values file is saved in the same directory as the SketchUp model.

I use this option all the time for plans I create. The plugin actually gives much more information than I need to show and I always want to rearrange the content of the list. I do most of the editing in Excel and finish up in Word to get the cut list looking the way I want it.CutList Plus if this is ticked a file is generated in the format expected by that program.

SVG creates scalable vector graphic files for the layout images. For those of you using Macs, if you want the layout images, you�ll need to tick this box.The next set of tick boxes are used to determine what categories will show in your cut list.Components Typically this would be for all the parts made out of solid wood. Any component definition names that don�t include either Sheet Material words or Part words will get listed here.

Only components listed here will be included in board foot calculations.Sheet Goods Plywood, veneer, MDF, etc. Component definition names containing a word from the Sheet Material words list, will be included here.Parts Hinges, knobs screws, etc.

If your component definitions include a word from the Part words list, they�ll show up here.Under Tables, you can choose to make either a compact cut list or divide it by sub-assemblies as well as sorting the list by the size of the parts.Force Board Feet Ticking this box will result in volumes being displayed as Board Feet even if you have metric dimensions. Otherwise, with metric units the volumes will be given as cubic meters.Part and Sheet Material Words These are words that determine where in the cut list the components get shown.

You can add words as desired by typing them into the appropriate lines. Then make sure you use these words in the component definition names.After you�ve made the desired selections here, click on Save Settings so they stick.Clicking on the LayOut tab gives you a bunch of settings used for directing the way the layout images look. If, when you open this page there�s no value in the blue Kerf Size box, type in 1 and click Save Settings.The bottom section allows you to set the nominal settings for boards.And under the Sheets tab you can set the size of the sheet materials you have access to.When you�re ready to run the cutlist, open the interface from the Plugins folder.

Then click on Run. I�m using the SketchUp model I made for Andrew Hunter�s Country Pine Hutch�and because there are other copies of the parts for various views in the model space, I�ve selected what I want to include in the cut list. If you select nothing before hitting Run, the plugin will ask if you want all of the components to be included.

If I did that I�d get bloated numbers for quantities and board foot calculations.This is part of the layout web page display. As you can see, the case sides get divided into pieces based on the width I set for the boards.This is part of the cut list web page.

Since I haven�t applied an materials to the parts in this model, The Material column shows �Not assigned�. If you do use materials in your model, they�ll get listed in that column and the cutlist will divide the board foot calculations by materials.Here�s the bottom of the cut list web page. There are no sheet materials in the model so no sheet goods section is displayed.Getting a cutlist is very fast and easy but remember, this is a computer we�re dealing with and GIGO (Garbage In, Gabarge Out) applies.

The cut list�s accuracy is dependent on how well you�ve drawn your model. Here are some things to keep in mind.�Give your components useful names so you can identify them for what they are in the list. Some folks like to use groups instead of components because they aren�t bothered by a window asking for a name.

The plugin will work with groups but imagine how useful the cut list above would be if all the parts were called �Group�. If you use groups, you�ll need to go back and edit the names of the parts.�Dimensions given in the cut list are based on the size of the bounding boxes of the components in the model.

If you have components that are positioned at angles, take a few moments to properly align the bounding box to sketchup materials list the part correctly. In the example below, I made a copy of one of the legs of Christian Becksvoort�s Candle Stand. I exploded that copy and made it as a new component I called Leg block. Compare the dimensions given in the resulting cut list.

Note that you don�t get an option to change the axes for groups. It is possible to correct the bounding box orientation on groups but it is a lot of work so I won�t go into it now.�If you plan to make a CSV file or a file for CutList Plus, don�t use commas in the component names. The commas will skew the contents of the columns in the resulting file.In addition to creating the cut list for the model I�m working on, I also use this plugin as a way to make sure all of the parts are the correct size.

It�s a quick way to make a quality check before going on. I�ll run only the web page cut list and do a quick look down the Length, Width and Thickness columns.

Although I never intentionally draw any part with a dimension in 64ths of an inch, I work with Precision set to 1/64?. When I look at the dimensions in the cut list, I�m looking for dimensions with 64ths and/or ~. Both of those things give me clues that parts might need attention. It doesn�t always mean there�s an issue but it might. For example the spindles in the cut list for the Country Pine Hutch show ~1/2?. That doesn�t surprise me because those are shaped by hand with a spokeshave or draw knife and aren�t perfectly round.

On the other hand, if the case sides showed as 15-33/64? wide, that would raise a red flag for me and I would go back to the model to find out what�s going.Since the size of the bounding boxes are used to get the dimensions, make sure you don�t have stray lines, extended lines, dimensions or text included or those things will cause incorrect numbers. Look to see how the bounding box fits the geometry that you know is the part. If it doesn�t fit as tightly as it can, correct it before making your cut list.In a nutshell, do clean and accurate modeling and the cut list will be clean and accurate.Now go give it a try.� Dave rupps September 14thDave is right.

Using the Move tool is the way to go for resizing. Do this 3-4 times and it quickly becomes your preferred method.For fixing ~ dimensions, I often go outside of a component and draw a temporary line at the correct location(I need to produce material lists for job cost projections. I am pretty sure that SketchUp can do this, but I have no idea where to start. other than I believe I would need to use dynamic components. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks SS Why do you believe you need Dynamic Components? It sounds like you just need to assign a material to each component and generate a report?

Exactly what sort of output are you looking for? There may be existing plugins that can do what you want. If you are still looking for and estimating solution for SketchUp, check out Estimator for SketchUp. You can assign costs to components, along with associated costs, layers, materials, quotes, etc. to account for all costs associated with your model I would like to know, if it is possible to set a meeting or voiceconference to get an idea and basic understanding of how the programworks.

The designer that was using the program was let go and numerousdesigns were designed with your program. I was hired and am havingtrouble with the designs. Any help you will be able to offer will begreatly appreciated.Thank YouJohnny Bertrand Hi Johnny-Are you referring to understanding of SketchUp? I am a SketchUp user but not affiliated with them. I am a custom home builder/designer who created an estimating extension for SketchUp users because I needed a robust estimating system to take-off quantities and generate estimates.

If you need assist with SketchUp and understanding the program, I would suggest reaching out to them or the numerous training sites (sketchucation, YouTube videos (how I learned) - there are a lot of training companies out there. Hope I understood you properly - if it is the estimating extension itself you would like to learn more about, please let me know - good luck!Home Categories FAQ/Guidelines Terms of Service Privacy PolicyPowered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled CutList takes the current Sketchup selection and produces a list of the parts, their sizes and quantity of each.

The plugin also can produce a layout of the parts on your selected material size and can be useful for estimating materials for constructing your model.The default settings are designed so you can install and get useful output with just 3 clicks!The material list can be produced as a text file or a browser window display, which can also be printed.

A material list can also be produced as a CutListPlus(CLP)* import file which has more sophisticated material layout and costing functions than built in to the plugin.The layout can be produced in a browser window display(standard setting) or an svg file both of which can also be printed.

Svg files can now be opened by most browsers.Runs on both Mac and Windows. (Note: layout for Mac can only be produced as an svg file due to Safari browswer security restrictions).Works for both metric and imperial measures.Though initially geared towards woodworking, it has also been used for metalworking, plastic, etc.Additional instructions, FAQs, tutorials, features and guidance is available at*CutListPlus is not my work but is a nice pay program by Todd Peterson for professional results.

Most people won't need the advanced features but if you do, it's the next step up from CutList. Overall pretty good with 2016 for me. There is an issue I'm having and unsure why. Some of the pieces come out to the right dimensions on the cut list, but others don't. I've checked and rechecked my dimensions, looked for hidden stuff, and can't figure out why it's doing it. The model I'm currently having the problem with is a very simple one, specifically the sides of it are just four boards side by side, 2 that are 6 9/32" wide and two that are 6" even.

Some are listed as being their correct sizes, some are off by fractions of a inch (like 6 7/32" 6 9/64").Not a huge problem really, at least for simple stuff.

But if there's a fix or some reason for it, all the better.� Sign in to post reviews This is a free software so I understand that this might not be the priority of the developer, but is it necessary to give access to the file system to the plugin? Can you sandbox it or maybe sketch up needs to implement standards for sandboxing for the plugins?

Its not that i don't trust this developer, it that sandboxing just helps keep things safer. Just in case.� Sign in to post reviews This plugin stopped working. Period. Click on "Run" and nothing happens. No error messages, no nothing.I first installed CutList yesterday, Aug 15, 2016.It worked fine until after installing Windows updates last night and restarting computer.Opened same file in SketchUp after restart and now CutList will not work.SketchUp 2016 Make.

Windows 10.� Sign in to post reviews When I browse to Windows>Preferences xtensions there is no option to "Install Extensions"I am using Sketchup 8. from the 3d Warehouse I can select Sketchup 8. So i cant install this extension any advice?� Sign in to post reviews I was looking for a cutlisting extension and this was very difficult to use and quite limited - I would hugely recommend Builder instead ( - very intuitive and customisable, and produces great output ready for printing!� Sign in to post reviews It works, just not from the Sketchup Extension Warehouse directly.

If you search for the plugin using a web browser and download the .rbz file, then you can install the plug in using the Preferences menu, select Extensions and click on the Install Extension. button.This was the way I made that work for my latest 2016 installation.� Sign in to post reviews Why am I getting these kinds of dimensions in Cutlist using Sketchup 2016? Never use to get this in 2015.Length(L)16 1/4",1"Width(W) "3/4",0.11,[Wood Cherry Original],C-002-01,Bedroom Dresser, Leg Front 2#1 Style,32 3/4""Thickness(T)2 5/8",0 3/4"� Sign in to post reviews Very helpful plug-in.

My main request is that you enable us to set the preferred board length. Right now it assumes 8 feet for everything. I typically buy sketchup materials list non-sheet lumber in 12' lengths. This makes a big difference in the waste I incur.Is there anyway can modify the code directly to change the default length for non-sheet goods?� Sign in to post reviews Hi Bento,try to write authors:, can you send me your modification.

I want to be a beta tester :) I love this plugin. There is more precision than solid quantity (from sketchucation)It will be great, the plugin to compute the beam (timber or steel) material without trying to cut into sheets.However, the sheet size to can be modified (Useful for OSB material)Last, the scarf to can be modified too. In Europe all is in mm, cm, m. NASA measures are in metric system, why it must have inches, feet, miles .

:))))� Sign in to post reviews Love the conceptFound that it has a problem though with the saw kerf when there are more than one cuts in a board. It takes into account one saw kerf only, so the cut list is useless.I REALLY wish this could be fixed.� Sign in to post reviews Great idea but falls short for my purposes. It only works if you plan to use only 1 length of material.

There is no way for this plugin to use various lengths of lumber (8', 10', 12') when determining what is needed.

You must select 1 length only, and it will try to fit all materials into that length.Let's say you need 5 -8' lengths and 10 -12' lengths. Cutlist will only work if it can use 15 -12' lengths. What a waste! You can select 8', but then it will ignore the 12' foot lengths. So there is no way for you to get the right information if you require a mix of lengths for your project. Disappointing. (Unless I'm missing something here, please let me know)� Sign in to post reviews Problems!Cutlist 4.1.12 dialog opens with logo and four buttons: [Run] [Close] [Save Settings] [help] and NOTHING else.

Click [Run] and I get a box saying "No Parts or no boards. Layout is not possible."Any suggestions welcome.� Sign in to post reviews Hi There,Im using sketchup pro 2015 and cutlist. i trying to find the plugin folder so i can edit the code to allow larger sheet sizes, but i cant fin the cutlist plugin folder?Can anyone please advise where i can find the cutlist plugin folder?Thanks in advance for any help.Aidan� Sign in to post reviews you have to go to the extensions tab in the actual program and search for cut list and install it inside of google sketchup.

That is what I did for the 2015 version. Then once installed, go to extensions and it will drop down "cut list" and if you click on it, it will launch the extension.� Sign in to post reviews How is it possible to cut all subcomponents also? I have 1 Table component with 4 Box subcomponents inside.

When I'm trying to cut Table into parts Cutlist does not show components from Boxes.� Sign in to post reviews I already own Cutlist, I didn't know about this plugin.

I am looking forward to trying this feature out. If it does what it looks like this will be the best thing since sliced bread. For you new users of cut list you need to go to Cutlist and create the material list that you like to use in the sizes you like. you can also put the pricing in and it figures that for you. Yes it takes time to setup but with this feature it should very handy and a time saving in the long run.� Sign in to post reviews Hi, i know this is a bit long after the initial posting, but you explain in bit more detail how to do this.

I run small metal work business and it would be very handy,work mostly with linear lengths' Thanks Carl South Africa� Sign in to post reviews when i select an 8 x 4 sheet the cutting list gives me 816mm sheets and cuts up the project into 100s of peices?

ideas?i only seem to get the boards not the sheetcan you turn the boards off and only have sheets?Paul� Sign in to post reviews when yHi Geary,SketchUp (which is in fact not a CAD application although this featureis similar to that of CAD's) comes in two flavours: the Free and thePro version. Since SU 7 (quite new), there is a "Generate report"feature in the Pro version only.However there are a couple of plugins that can do similar things. Havea look at ComponentReporter.rb, ComponentReporter+.rb or Cutlist.rb atthe Ruby Library Depot. for what Plugins are and how to use them,visit the Smustard FAQhere: and of course, come back with any further questions - I canimagine this is just too much. � Video� �I Can Do That!� Videos� Woodturning with Tim Yoder� Popular Woodworking Videos Streaming Site� Free Woodworking Videos� Roy Underhill� Blogs� PWM Shop Blog� Chris Schwarz�s Blog� Flexner on Finishing Blog� SketchUp Tutorials Blog� Blog Network� Magazine� Current Issue October 2016� Buy Back Issues� Magazine Article Index� Projects� Free Plans and Projects� I Can Do That!

Simple Projects� SketchUp Woodworking Models� Tables & Chairs� Shelving & Storage� Jigs & Fixtures Projects� Workbenches� Shop Projects� Outdoor Projects� Other Projects� Techniques� Finishing� Basics� Hand Tools Techniques� Joinery� Sawing Techniques� Shaping� Marking and Measuring� Table Saw Safety� Tricks of the Trade� Turning� Tools� Woodworking Hand Tools� Woodworking Glossary� Chisels� Handplanes� Saws� Power Tools� Tool Reviews� Events� Popular Woodworking Sweepstakes� Online Woodworking Classes� Local Woodworking Classes� Woodworking in America Show� All Woodworking Shows� Local Woodworking Schools� Subscribe� Magazine Print and Print + Digital Combo Subscriptions� Popular Woodworking Digital Magazine Subscription Options� Gift Subscription� Free Newsletters� PW Streaming Videos Subscriptions� eBook Subscriptions� Customer Service� Store� Shop Woodworking� PW Streaming Videos Subscriptions� Woodworking eBooks� Gift Ideas� Woodworking Books Cut lists are dull subjects and always seem to be an afterthought; they shouldn�t be.

The time to consider cut lists and material lists is before you begin to model a project. Doing so will dramatically shorten the time you spend creating them, and make your cut list and material list much more useful. In this post I am going to outline some strategies to use and things to consider.First, think about the type of project you are going to model.

I tend to break my projects into three classes or types: furniture pieces, custom cabinets and structures. Structures may even be sub-divided into stick frame, post and beam, and timber frame. I am going to limit our conversation to stick frame.Second, think about a component naming convention. I am referring to SketchUp components, instances of which are individual parts.

For example, a table leg might have a component name of Leg and an instance name, or part name, of Left Back Leg. You will see that the component naming convention you use can be very helpful when creating a cut list � or it can be a hindrance.Third, think about the sub-assemblies that make up the project.

Some projects have natural sub-assemblies such as tall clocks: feet, base, waist and hood. Others, such as a home, unless it is a modular home, don�t have obvious sub-assemblies, though with thought we can create some that help immensely.

Creating Cutlists with the CutList Bridge ExtensionIf you are going to use a SketchUp extension such as my CutList Bridge 3 extension, you need to consider how you are going to assign attributes to each component. You certainly don�t want to assign attributes to each component, one component at a time. This could take you forever, especially if the project is something large like�a home or home addition.To make things easier consider pre-fixing the component names with the sub-assembly name.

This will greatly enhance your ability to choose all components in a sub-assembly simply by typing the sub-assembly name into the Outliner�s dialog box filter field.In addition, for some types of projects you might want to pre-fix the layer names with the sub-assembly names.

This is particularly true if you place one component, or similar types of components, on a layer. For example, all leg components on a Legs layer.CutList Bridge requires you follow a few rules:� All model parts must be a component. CutList Bridge does not support groups (groups are a bad habit that should be broken).� There must be no nesting of components.

Components contain only primitives and no components or groups.� Attributes are assigned to a component; hence all instances of a component have the same attributes.� Make all attribute changes in SketchUp using the Extended Entity Info dialog box.

This keeps all design parameters and attributes in the design (.skp) file where they belong.Now let�s discuss strategies specific to a specific type of project. Furniture PiecesWhen naming components of furniture pieces I try to stick to names that are common or standard furniture names. For example, the vertical pieces of a drawer opening are stiles; the horizontal pieces are rails. The sides, front and back of a table are aprons.

A tall clock has a pediment over its hood door. Using standard terminology greatly helps if you are going to share your plans and expect others to understand them.A furniture piece may have multiple parts (instances) that are physically the same (component) but used in different places. Use position adjectives to name the instance name of a component. For example, a table might have two front legs and two back legs. The joinery is the same for each back leg but different than the joinery in the front legs.

For component names you might use Front Leg and Back Leg. For part (or instance) names you might use Right Front Leg, Left Front Leg, Right Back Leg, and Left Back Leg.Furniture pieces often have natural sub-assembly names. As previously mentioned a tall clock has feet, base, waist and hood. A table with only one drawer might have just two sub-assemblies: carcass and drawer. A hutch has feet, base, cupboard and doors. Whatever your furniture piece it will likely have at least two sub-assemblies.

Consider using the sub-assembly names to prefix a component name.Layer names should also be strategically chosen. I usually name a layer using the concatenation of sub-assembly and component name; component name plural if more than one component is on the layer. For example, the sides of a tall clock waist would go on the Waist Sides layer.

The legs of a table would reside on the Carcass Legs layer. Other Project TypesYou will want to use similar strategies to ensure easy to understand and follow�cutlists�in other types of projects.

In a another�post, I will discuss these strategies as they apply to projects like custom cabinets and structures. About Joe ZehJoe Zeh has over 35 years experience in the high-tech computer and graphics industry, ranging from computer design to executive management. Joe is no stranger to 3-D CAD. While at ATI Technologies Inc., the 3-D graphics company now owned by AMD, Joe was vice president and general manager of 3-D Graphics.

His responsibilities included the development of Radeon graphics chips and software drivers for Direct3D, OpenGL and AutoCAD. Joe is a lifelong woodworker. He has combined his love of woodworking with his knowledge of 3-D; he teaches SketchUp, both video and live courses, and writes SketchUp Ruby script plugins for woodworking. Joe maintains a woodworking website ( and blog ( One thought on � Cutlist-Making Tips in SketchUp for Woodworkers�� Nick Webb July 3, 2015 at 6:24 amThe requirement for no nested components is a bit of a killer, and goes against good modelling practice.

For example in a chest of drawers I would expect to model a drawer as a component, consisting of side, back, front and bottom sub-components. This is particularly useful where you have multiple drawers of the same size, of multiple drawers which can use the same side and/or bottom components even when the drawers differ in some dimensions.There is a free SU to CutList plugin, called CutList, available from the extensions warehouse which does not impose this requirement. Benches, Tools & Furniture: Woodworking Classics from Christopher Schwarz BundleChristopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years.

He's given us so many of those "how did I not think of that" moments. So we've compiled some of . Sponsored Links Your One-Stop Wood ShopBrowse our new & sale items nowSubscribe Today & SaveBecome the Woodworke

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